I took a stroll outside

As an Enneagram 3, (an achiever) it is very hard for me to just walk away from my work and do something that is not connected to a goal…like taking a stroll for no good reason.

You too may have some personality style that you are comfortable with yet it’s hard for you to break out of it and do something new or challenging.  Maybe you are learning, like me, to release that thing we “go to” for stability so naturally. 

This poem is about my decision to drop my valuable work and enjoy the simple beauty of a walk down the street behind our home.

I took a stroll outside

I dropped the plans I held that day

For no good reason chose

To take a stroll not far away

Down the long straight street beyond

Our cookie cutter homes all gray

To a world with giant pines in open yards

Where springlike buds and grasses bloom

Where flowers shine and others plum

A vista spread like none before

Like walking through some magic door

Weeds and limbs and seeds and grass

Soft spring breeze and sunlight rays

Smells arise like sweet perfume

All to set my soul ablaze

I felt a lift as though on air

Where have I been? I do declare!

Beauty here and beauty there!

Quiet breeze serenely shared

Smallish plants that look so bright

Nature sways within my sight

I see much more! I am aware!

Since trusting You, I’m not ensnared

To goals and ends I can’t control

To better ends, where you unfold

A sweeter walk where heart can rest

And leave my goals to Thy grand best.

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