Redemptions Call

I watched the movie Sound of Freedom and was overwhelmed by the personal sacrifice of one man to keep a promise to a Dad whose two children had been kidnapped into the world of child trafficking. It made me think of the power of one inspired person who believes in a mission or purpose. It made me want to, even more, live out my life purpose.

The movie is about the dark side of the world of child trafficking and how one person can make a difference, sometimes at great cost.

Redemption’s Call

In a world with good and bad

The hearts of some are so unclad

They cause a dearth of righteousness

So evil rules at man’s behest

The bad disrupts the beauty of

The good designed from Heav’n above

The wonder of His love planned out

No longer heard above the shouts

And idle men they shrug it off

With lowered heads, they laugh and scoff

With lack of courage to rise up

They lie around like unused cups

So innocence is thrown aside

Trampled from a moral slide

Yet all it took was love and care

From just one man who was not scared

Oh be that one to those around

Those you see that are not found

Who lie in fear and trembling

Who seek their soul’s assembling

The innocent await our move

And wonder if their hearts’ improve

Beyond the hell where they reside

While we lay still on couches wide

Yet in our hearts is love today

It will emerge to save the day

If only you and I proclaim

With God’s great hand we’ll stake His claim

For truth and love and righteousness

We’ll find the weak to care and bless

Inspired by the movie “Sound of Freedom”

Photo by Angel

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