Divine Intersections devotional now available for sale

Bill Stark’s devotional, Divine Intersections, is now available on Amazon and where other books are sold. Bill’s heart-warming poetry-based devotional shares real-life stories all with one common theme – how God intersects our lives. 

Ever wonder where God is in your life situation?

Bill’s unique devotional, combines poetry and personal stories, to help you discover how God intersects your passions, family, money, sickness, friends, work and many other avenues and aspects of life.

Ever wonder what God might be saying to you as you go through a life event?

Each devotional includes a Bible verse, a brief story about the topic, questions to ponder, the poem and space to journal how you think God may be using the theme or situation to speak to your own heart. The format of each devotional takes the reader to a place of contemplation and reflection to ask questions like “How does this apply to my life?”, “What might God want for me in this situation?”.

This 184 page devotional, Divine Intersections, includes 52 devotionals making it a great weekly journey for an entire year.

Enjoy this unique and thoughtful way to express your devotion to God or purchase it for friends and family.

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