Together with Our Sacred Friend

I’ve been reading a devotional book by Randy Alcorn that features portions of sermons by the great Charles Spurgeon. The book is on heaven and it describes beautiful and profound aspects of heaven in a real and tangible way. You may be like the Apostle Paul and yearn for that place, yet God has a plan for us here on planet earth. But one day….one day, we shall see as never before and experience a love so deep we cannot

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Before Your Holy Throne I Bow

As is quite evident, we live in a world that attempts to lure us to take shortcuts and to accept the lies we so often hear and see.  Because we live in a broken world there is no lasting hope found here – everything is temporary, even our greatest acts of goodness…..they cannot save us. We are all clanging cymbals without our coming to see our need for a savior and then accepting God’s son personally into our lives as

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