A most horrific state

A Most Horrific State On a recent trip I ran into an old friend who had experienced some challenges with his health and family.   In a wearisome tone he accepted his plight….a life without much zeal, purpose or hope. I heard things like, “What can you say?”…..”I don’t know…”…..”It is what it is…” There he was….a wandering, broken life in a broken world.     I felt both loss and emptiness as I drove away. It saddens me that depression and

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Into this pain

I knew one day during this cancer journey, that at some point, I’d likely be curled up in a ball of pain. It happened a few weeks ago after a shot of Neupogen, a medicine to spur my white blood cell count. It brought about excruciating pain in my joints and bones. In the middle of that pain, I realized I have a choice. Stay inward, focused on the pain and my needs – or direct my eyes to the

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Life of Smalls

I am finding that I tend to be ok with the big challenges of life, but that I often hold onto the small day-to-day challenges – little pains, dealing with the healthcare bureaucracy, being tired, etc. I keep these things to myself and don’t give them to God as I want to. I need to pray about why this is so. I know Matthew 10:28 “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall

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