God’s Magnificent Order

One day while at a lake, I saw a family of ducks waddle around a little beach and then get into the water. As they started paddling in the lake, I saw order emerge – a nice clean column of ducks with Mom and Dad up front.   I doubt it was by oldest or tallest, but it was definitely orderly. 

I’m not sure how this natural orderliness came about.   But, I think it has the stamp of God on it.  Without order there’s chaos, and in nature we see God’s beauty and order all around us. God put the first line of this poem in my mind and I know I had to honor His hand in creation.

God’s Magnificent Order

In nature we’re all graced to see

Treasured riches formed by Thee

Order seen throughout the earth

Giving life a holy worth

Valleys with their gentle hills

Toucan birds with artful bills

Trees with rings so round and tight

Geese aligned above in flight

Waves that lap each passing day

In a rhythm as to say

“There’s order to this world below

it is My way for you to know

that I am God and have My hand

on all that’s small and all that’s grand”. 

It’s such a joy to see Your way

And realize my feet of clay

To see each days’ long shadows fall

Where fragrant pines climb straight and tall

God’s nature needs no hand of man

He’s formed in all in His great plan.

Surrounded by Your holy work

Knowing that’s it’s not a quirk

That all of nature comes from Thee

Where beauty reigns all to see.

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