An Ocean of Love

We went to Hilton Head recently and I got to do something quite special.  I sat alone in a beach chair in the water as the tide went out.  For 30 minutes my mind and soul were transfixed on the wonder, scale and epic nature of the ocean. 

For me, the vastness of the ocean is a powerful metaphor of the immense nature of God and the expanse of His everlasting love toward us.  Even the waves lapping on the shore have a healing and peaceful affect that reminds me of His steadfastness and peace. 

Sitting there with my feet in the water, I heard the first line below and then the rest came. I hope this picture of the ocean draws you just a bit closer to a better understanding of Gods massive and personal  love for you. 


Oh! the ocean deep and vast 

Its waves and currents so steadfast 

What joy to gaze at its expanse

A sight worth more than just a glance 

The vastness of the oceans’ shore

Hints of God‘s great love and more

It’s wide and deep beyond my mind

With n’er a limit, fence or bind

As I watch this blue expanse

My soul is drawn to God’s great dance

Where we walk just me and Him

As He sings me sacred hymns

Beyond the oceans edge far out

I can’t conceive of life without

This vast yet loving God who cares

My God whose heart He always shares

Storms will come to shore one day

And skies will change from blue to gray

But as His love resides no less

Within the storms there is no stress

And when we’re gone these waves won’t cease

They’ll come ashore and spread their peace

And call us to our highest aim

To honor Him and live His name

WGS 8/1/21

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