Separated, but loved

Many of us are now separated from the ones we love.  But the bonds of love keep us connected at a heart level.   We yearn to be near our loved ones….to see them, to hug them, to express our love to them in person.    With that in mind, I wrote this poem about a grandmother, at risk, separated from her family and the sorrow they share…yet they have hope that God will make a way.

Separated…but loved

In a still and darkened room

Grandma waits in thin draped gown

Her family waits across the town

Laughing gone, now only frowns

Concerns have come so near to roost

Fear and angst they do seduce.

No way to love or reach outside

I only wish that I could hide

In her room, there by her side

Oh Grandma Jane, a joyful soul

Without her here, there is a hole

Within my heart I cannot fix

I pray this threat is does subside

So at her home I can abide

Alone and quiet as she sits

Eating meals without her kids

Laughing half, but hurting more

Oh to see us at the door

But sorrow comes and takes away

The joy and fun we’d planned that day

There she sits and waits for me

To hold her hand, I’d pay to see

My prayers they rest on her today

She knows we love her while at bay

We talk and wave from window sills

She sees us there, it brings us chills

The warmth of touch, it’s gone today

I pray the Lord provide a way

To hold our Grams again real soon

And hum her favorite old-time tune

Father in this time of being separated from those we love, help us to recall the separation that you had with Jesus after He died on the cross.   While we too yearn to be with the ones we love, you give us hope for another day.   May we all trust you as we wait.  May we remain hopeful for a new tomorrow with our loved ones and a great tomorrow with you in heaven.  I pray in the living name of Jesus. Amen.

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