The Fall-like Breeze

One fall day a few months ago, while sitting outside, I felt a cool faint breeze brush across my face. It was portending the winter to come. It was gentle and comforting. In that brief moment, I felt something else. I suspect it was God’s presence. I was stunned into stillness to ponder my rest in Him….to slow down my hurried life and just be with Him.

I pray you and I both have more and more of those moments.

Fall-like Breeze

As I stood among the trees

Calmly did the fall-like breeze

Brush across my skin and face

And lead me to another place

Where Another took control

And for a time I took a stroll

From a hurried, lonesome life

Where strict demands bring much strife

For a time I wandered slow

Then seemed at once to truly know

The presence of the Lord near me

A calm kind voice then shared a plea“

Know I’m here to walk beside

When swirls of life do close reside

In the calm sweet fall-like days

Slow your pace and come My way

To another world I’ve made

There’s rest for you in My deep shade

I am your Savior and your friend

I want to truly ever mend 

The bumps and bruises of your soul

And make your heart more truly whole.”

WGS 12/5/22

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