Edge of Darkness

We live in a world where we can enjoy beauty, laughter, wonderful weather and bounty one day and the next day face evil, darkness, pain, doubt and heavy burdens. Yet, in either case, we all have the promise of the nearness of God. I’ve often considered God’s presence a bit like The Matrix. I’m in the ‘ordinary’ world, yet I know another world is just a thought away.

I thank God that He is indeed with me and He is with you….no matter your journey, no matter your history or prognosis. I pray that you will enter The Matrix, or better, the realization and reality of His life in and around us.

Edge of Darkness

In a field not far away

A boy stood tall as if to say

No matter where I go or tread

I shall prevail, no need for dread

Yet, standing on the edge of dark

Are signs of fear and silence stark 

The wicked forest calls beyond

My soul so stirred, it can’t respond

Yet I’m alive you see right now

I have a friend who’s made a vow

He walks beside where ‘er I go

He guides me in the dark below

Though darkness haunts and scares by day

Yet on my part I do not sway

This friend he is a lion so strong

Oh at His side, do I belong

No man or beast can harm me now

The king doth live and so His crown

He is my friend, where I live free

Where darkness has no grip on me

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