The Tiller’s Hand

Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ… Ephesians 4:15

Truth and love truly go hand in hand.

It seems love was made for truth and truth for love. This is especially true in relationships and in these politically charged times. I can have the most powerful truth in the world, but if I don’t express it in love, it will likely land with a thud…and may back-fire.

I am probably the world’s guiltiest of ignoring this concept because I love being right seemingly more than I love those around me. I hate to admit that, but my actions and tone often reflect it. I rarely take the effort to consider how someone may respond to the truth I have to share.

In thinking of this need for love to marry truth, I felt let to craft this poem. The imagery is that of love tilling the soil of the heart so a seed of truth can settle into the soil and be fruitful. Without that tilling of the heart, the seed of truth can easily sit atop the rock hard soil and never see its intended result.

I pray for myself and for each of you that we all continue to grow in this idea of speaking truth in love.

The Tiller’s Hand

Love is the tiller the works to soil

To make it soft as sand

It makes a place for seed to fall

Gods’ wonder and His plan

When nothing tills the heart of man

And truth is launched ahead

Oh truth it may be true for sure

But changes nothing ever said

Without the love of farmers’ till

Without his sweet soft hands

The truth it sits upon a rock

No victory where it lands

But when a word of truth goes out

In love from one nearby

The truth it slips between the soil

And listeners’ hearts come nigh


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