God is with us always.

Backyard Road imageIn the winter when all the leaves are off the trees and the limbs are bare, I can see far down the long straight street behind our home.   But in the spring, my visibility is limited because of all the new limbs, vines and leaves.

For me, it seems, the cold harshness of winter somehow magnifies tough times.  Yet, spring tends to provide some promise of hope.  But in reality, God is there in both the beauty of spring and the harshness of winter.

Although circumstances may change, God is constant….and He is alive and present in both your spring and your winter.

Trust Him even when He seems distant. Continue to trust. Trust when trusting seems unproductive and hopeless.

Seek Him in scripture, in worship, in song, in prayer and even in the voice of friends who love both you and your heavenly Father.

In the middle of a long cold streak this winter, I had to face this issue of faith.  Will I trust completely?  Will I act in faith even though things seem harsh, bleak and somewhat hopeless.  Should I trust even when it seems “my way” would be much faster and more effective than waiting on God’s longer more circuitous route?

I wrote the below poem a few months ago when winter seemed to drag on.  My faith struggled some as I looked down the street at the cold lifeless trees.  If you are experiencing a spiritual winter, I pray that you will continue to invite God to be a part of your daily life, no matter how challenging things get….and no matter what the season.

Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”

Psalm 136: 1-3 “Praise the Lord! He is good. God’s love never fails. Praise the God of all gods. God’s love never fails. Praise the Lord of lords. God’s love never fails.” (emphasis added)


I’m in the Winter and the Spring

Lifeless trees, dead leaves surround

The road now far I see;

Stiff limbs they struggle to and fro

Staring down upon the scene

On cold hard yards below.


Wetter days and and browner still

when cold runs through my bones

When leaves both swirl and scrape the street

To yards nearby the road

No certain place, no aim or goal

Just rustle there below.


I’m in the scarce-ness of the cold.

I’m in the winter’s chill.

And spring appears a long way off;

The course-ness of the wind’s harsh shrill

Reminds me that it’s so.


Yes near the trees and limbs on high

On damp and chilly streets

Is both My presence and My grace

To fill and make complete.


Some time has passed

The road now hid

By leaves and limbs so thick.

Green buds and branches stretching out

Red maples arch and interfere

and violet vines creep clear across

green fences heaped with growth so near.


No matter if you see the road,

No matter if it’s cold,

No matter if it’s warm and green.

My presence do behold.


Come join in both the warm and cold .

Come forth to Me in stride.

For I am here in all the days

Still here, near by your side.





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