Bags of Gold

Walking up the stairs one day after my first chemotherapy treatment, I had a bounce in my step that I’d not had in several days. I felt better than good; I felt really good. I had gotten really tired around noon that day and regained my strength late afternoon.

In that moment of realizing the state of my health, I became overwhelmingly focused on gratitude and all the things I’ve been given from the Lord. A beautiful home and loving wife, children who love God, friends, church, a thriving vocation, and hobbies and talents I enjoy.  

And all of these blessings, hobbies, talents and gifts were not meant for me to hold on to and enjoy myself but to give away to bless others. 

Walking up those stairs, I was completely overwhelmed with a sense of joy and ecstatic gratitude. In that moment the first line of this poem came to me. 

Hope you enjoy it.

Bags of Gold

I’ve been given bags of gold
Not to bury or allow to mold
None of it is really mine
It came from heaven’s holy shrine

Bags of gold He giveth me
To glory Him in all I be
This gold it’s part of You and me
Light for all the world to see

Is my gold now spent for Him
Or spent on things whose light turns dim?
Do we even know we’re rich
Or complain we’re in some lowly ditch?

We’re rich beyond our wildest dream
Like shiny diamonds and their gleam
Yet often all we see is lack
And view our souls as broken shacks

We all have worth as giv’n by Him
Tis waste to see our life as grim
We’re blessed beyond what we can dream
Now go and cast your holy beam

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