Oh taste of love

It’s impossible to fully put into words God’s love. It’s so wide and deep and unnatural from a human perspective. Yet, in a way, God’s love is quite simple and tangible. You can see it a neighbor’s kindness….in a heart-felt thank you….in someone going out of their way to help another who is hurting. Of course we know: God is love….and when He is present in others hearts, we see His love shine through in astounding ways.

I was led to write about God’s love yet felt completely incapable. This topic is so difficult because it’s so sacred and mysterious. While I can’t fully explain God’s grace and love, I simply share the words that I felt were from Him….as best I can.

I hope you enjoy.

Oh Taste of Love

Oh to taste of God’s sweet love

To feel a touch from Him above

A love that wards off every strife

And brings true hope to every life

It takes me where I’m ever safe

All filled up high with loving grace

To see how love it changes hearts

And sews together broken parts 

Tis love that causes wounds to heal

While others only walls of steel

It’s love when neighbors help their kind

Its acts are pure and so are blind

The mind has glory of its own 

But love’s real place is in heart’s home

Yet not to know this wondrous love

Smells of a death, not from above

To never touch this wonder land

To never feel His loving hand

Tis got to be the worst of all

As though your soul has hit a wall

The closeness of His holy love

Fits just like a well-worn glove

The joy it brings I can’t contend

And thankful for it’s never end

The feeling of ecstatic  glee

Knowing this was made for me

When love comes forth with hearty praise

There’s just one name to gladly raise 

If you’ve never tasted of

This golden rich sweet heavenly love

You can attain its sparkling hue

And live for’er with Him and you. 

WGS 11/18/21

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