Swept away to worlds unknown

My mother died on a Wednesday, October 21, 2009 at 10:30 in the morning in Indianola, Mississippi, a small town about 22 miles from Greenville, our hometown.

She went on to a new life with the Lord while my sister Libby and I stood at her bedside. It was a sacred moment of watching a life well-lived end on this earth, then head to golden shores. I suspect it was the Lord that led me to write this poem some 10 years later, as I can’t seem to get the scene out of my mind.

I pray that this recounting of my Mother’s passing from this life to the next will give comfort to any who have had parents, friends or others move on to heavenly realms.

Swept Away to Worlds Unknown

Standing near my older sis

Sadness mixed with solemn bliss 

So faintly lift her chest and eyes

As she moved toward her prize

Skin’s smooth touch no more to be

No silky hair in waves of three

Still as night, her shortened breath

Nearing what we knew was death

A noble, hearty life was led

All the way up to that bed

Her laughter, smiles and joy so clear

A gift for all both far and near

Yet there she was at half past ten

Trapped inside her aging skin

I knew her life was winding down

And then I whispered though a frown

“Oh, mother if you want to go today

We’ll be right here, we’ll be ok,

You can leave and fly to Dad

We’ll all smile bright, we won’t be sad”

But sad for days we truly were

That her bright smile was now a blur

But mind’s great lasting memory

God left clear for us to see

In my mind to feel each day

Echos of her lively way

A life well lived and shared about

A life of joy there is no doubt

Oh, Mother if you knew today

Sweet words your heirs so often say

About the love and warmth you gave

That touch us now beyond the grave!

WGS 12/26/20

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