Cursing the Crisis

A friend of mine recently shared that she had made a choice to stop “cursing the crisis”. In her case, the crisis was Covid’s many frustrations. While not diminishing the reality of the pain it has caused, I think she was speaking to her attitude about the crisis. I resonated with her comment as I too had been cursing the crisis.

So what do we do?

Do I curse the situation and complain, knowing that I have little to no impact on changing reality? Do I look for the best in the situation? Do I try and “stay strong”, yet inside boil over with anger? Do I trust that God is available and still present even in the midst of crisis?

Her comment got my attention and led to this poem. I pray that these words somehow comfort you and help you adjust your perspective during times of stress and crisis.

Cursing the Crisis

Strong I oft pretend to be

When life‘s great storms descend on me

Instead of bowing to my God

I show my strength as though a rod

Why is this and why is that?

I hate it all and then push back!

I want this life to be so set

That troubles flee when ‘er I fret

Yet troubles come I cannot change

But still in angst I do proclaim

This is not how I foresaw!

Yet my complaints are weak as straw

So why do I still curse the storm?

And seek not God my heart transform?

To see things square in troubled days

To trust His plan and trust His ways

Oh let me see each day as Yours

And see the path with all its doors

Leading to your Holy place 

Where troubles dim in Your sweet grace

WGS 12/20/20

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