The Weight and Wear

A few weeks ago, before I turned 59, I wrote this poem about how striving for achievement and goals can weigh us down…or better put, weigh me down.   The sense I had was that I still have work to do to surrender my goals, plans and my very days to Him…to trust Him.

Not sure if you can relate, but I know I want to continue my journey toward complete freedom, where I can trust Him more and more and not impose on myself the weight and wear of this anxious world.   It’s a process….I’ll fall, but I want to move in this direction as I know you do as well.

Hope you enjoy.

The Weight and Wear

Here I am at 58
Bearing all the wear and weight
Of goals and plans I cannot make
Moving lines of my own fate
Perfect plans, I dream for me
Yet without consent from Thee
I wonder why at 58
My soul so often aches
For richer, grander, fuller days
Yet I see through foggy haze
Perhaps the reason why it’s so
I see my life as my own
My goals, my plans, my work, my time
Anchored not in Thee or Thine
My goals and reach they come up short
My heart explodes, my plans contort
My gosh I left Thee out of it!
No wonder why I’m in this pit
Forgive me when I walk ahead
Or storm or race right by
The things you had all set for me
Things that now may never be
So now I’ll stop then start with Thee
No more to launch right into me
My plans are now laid fully bare
At your feet without a care
Life You give and joy You deem
For those that seek to fully glean
The best you have for me and mine
All to you my dear Divine.
Lord, help us to cast all our cares on You.   Help us remember that You are ever watchful over us and that You want us to rest in Your trustworthiness.  You are faithful and we all want to grow in knowing You more intimately and growing in faith in your complete goodness.   Help us Jesus.  In Thy name, Amen.


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