God’s Canopy & Light

While on business in Brunswick, Georgia, I decided to stay at a beach hotel about 10 miles away on Jeckyl Island.  The hotel was about 100 yards from the beach, but in my 3rd story room with the door open I could hear the surf pounding against the sand.  Linking the hotel and the beach was a wooden bridge built under the canopy of the trees that guarded the beach.

It was overcast, windy and had started to sprinkle, but nevertheless, I couldn’t let that hinder a visit to see the water and the sands.  The wind and rain grew as I walked along the bridge to the beach.  While standing at the end of the walkway I realized that the storm, the fury of the wind, the sounds, the rain…all of it…were much less intense under the canopy of the trees.  I realized then that God’s canopy and covering over our lives is a lot like that.  When the storms come, he offers a covering that seems to take much of the sting out of the moment….if we turn to Him.

I immediately thought of friends of ours in Mississippi who were undergoing tremendous health issues. The are still walking through Jeckyl Island After Stormtheir challenges (as of December 2012) and they continue to seek the shelter of His canopy.  These dear friends are a living and breathing testament to reliance on God in times of great uncertainty and pain.

The next morning, I walked the same planks over to the beach and saw the bright rays of the sun beaming through the clouds far in the distance.  It reminded me of the hope we have in Christ for a brighter day.

This poem is dedicated to our friends in Mississippi and all who struggle daily in this life.  I pray it is an encouragement to you as you seek peace and inner calm in the face of great peril and struggle.

God’s Canopy and Light


Clouds of life grow ever dark

and try to steal the joy,

Yet looking at the storms on high

His hand is near, yes by my side.


Winds rush in

Bend limbs near me

and my cure?

His canopy.


Yet underneath, protected by

the canopy above;

my heart gains strength and calm arrives

surrounded by His love.


Then daylight comes and rays fall down

so warm against my soul;

and grace reigns down,

yes, Your my only goal.


Your rays of hope

they shine on me,

and draw my heart

so close to Thee;




“You are my Lamp oh God; the Lord turns my darkness into light”

II Samuel 22:29


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