Before Your Holy Throne I Bow

As is quite evident, we live in a world that attempts to lure us to take shortcuts and to accept the lies we so often hear and see.  Because we live in a broken world there is no lasting hope found here – everything is temporary, even our greatest acts of goodness…..they cannot save us.

We are all clanging cymbals without our coming to see our need for a savior and then accepting God’s son personally into our lives as our King.

If you’ve not prayed in a while, I encourage you to come before His throne and confess who He is and seek His heart for your life.

Let’s honor the one true King who reigns forever.   This poem was written as a confession of God’s goodness and eternal wonder.

Before Your Holy Throne I Bow

Before your Holy throne I bow.

Yet in this broken world somehow

I enter humbly to your great throne;

Where grace and light become my home.


To touch the favor made for me,

To honor You my only King,

To hide in You and draw my breath,

To know Your ways, Your holy depth.


Your holy room has space for me!

Broken…wounded, I fall to Thee.

Your gentle life and loving face,

I bow to you with no disgrace.


I’ve given up the gods I knew,

Their comfort gone as winds once blew.

To come to know and gain today,

A path of fullness You display.

A life of grace and richness still,

Beyond what’s seen, more surely real.


Bring to mind Your love for me

As I bow to holy Thee.

My heart now leaps before Your eyes;

In joyful song that echoes high,

to Holiness, my new heart’s cry.


December 26, 2013

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