Brian Purcell

Brian was a stand-out athlete growing up. Girlfriends and accolades were the prize for being popular. While in high school his parent’s divorced and shortly thereafter his grades began to decline, he was kicked off the football team and started hanging out with the wrong crowd. While smoking in his room one day in high school he left a cigarette burning which caused a fire that burned down part of his parent’s home.

After getting into repeated trouble in high school, Brian was kicked out of his home and lived out of his car and at friend’s houses. He grew to hate the “together” families of his friends and more and more anger built inside. A few years later, he met his wife to-be. She was different than the other girls and over time saw through his facade of ego and power. After they were married, she led him and their children to church where everything began change one Easter. Today Brian’s life is no longer characterized by fits of rage, bitterness and emptiness….now his innerview is one of peace, purpose and joy.

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