A Life with Friends

A Life with Friends I am very fortunate to be rich in friends, close friends….my wife and family of course, my business partner, small group brothers and others who have come into my life. Because we are true friends, they can tell me when they think I’m wrong or they can correct some error in my thinking, but even more important that that, their main concern is to move me closer to God, where He can address any issue or

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Loving those close to you.

Loving those that are very close to us is sometimes the hardest love of all…maybe it’s that we know them so well….maybe it’s that they know us so well. ¬†Perhaps you’ve just lived with a loved one’s faults so long you now just grin and bear it. ¬†Perhaps you’ve been taken advantage of, you are forced to put up with anti-social oddities, maybe you’re on the receiving end of their harsh words, perhaps it’s a dominating manner, or a lack

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Soul Virgins: Redefining Single Sexuality

Sex and sexuality are hot topics these days. But many single adults are tired of the “how far is too far?” approach because it doesn’t go far enough. Why does the discussion stop at the physical? What about the deeper spiritual and relational aspects of sexuality? Pioneering Christian sex therapists Doug Rosenau and Michael Todd Wilson team up in this helpful and hopeful book about understanding sexuality and intimacy beyond what our “do it if it feels good” culture says

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