A Life with Friends

A Life with Friends

I am very fortunate to be rich in friends, close friends….my wife and family of course, my business partner, small group brothers and others who have come into my life.

Because we are true friends, they can tell me when they think I’m wrong or they can correct some error in my thinking, but even more important that that, their main concern is to move me closer to God, where He can address any issue or fault I have in me. They put my relationship with God ahead of our friendship.

That is rare.

They ask questions to get me to think about an issue instead of telling me what I ought to think or even their opinion. They seem interested in my opinion and perspective more than their own.

This is rare friendship air I breathe and I am grateful for men who turn my head upward to Him and who love me more than I love myself sometimes. So, to honor all of those friends, I wanted to write a word of thanks.

I pray you enrich the friends you have and find those to be close to who can speak truth and put your heart and God’s heart as their priority. I also pray that you know Jesus as your constant friend.

A Life with Friends

Seasons come and seasons go

Yet there’s one thing I firmly know

It’s when we walk the road of life

When with joy or sometimes strife

To have a friend who’s at your side

Who’s never cross or ever chides

Always there and ever same

Expressing love and speaks your name

No matter summer, winter, fall

Their love for me it towers tall

Rarely pointing to a way

But asking what our Lord might say

Rarely telling ‘what to do’

He only seeks what’s God and true

About myself and, yes, my Lord

To draw us close to one accord

In facing life and growing strong

Their love for me, a grateful song

Where I can come and freely share

And not pull back or distant care

They help me grow into my own

The person God saw on His throne

The purist, loving parts to live

Emerging forth by love they give

Calling me to sup with Thee

To rest in Him and never flee

To call Him mine and come to know

A life with friends this world below. 

What’s more than all their saintly ways

Tis friendship love of Jesus’ gaze

My closest friend; His watchful eye

Ever there until I die

WGS 12/5/20

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