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As a young boy, Frank loved milk.  For breakfast he had milk and cereal.  At lunch he always drank milk with his sandwich and his mom made him hot chocolate milk after school.   And, yes, like all kids, he loved to dip Oreos in his milk.   Frank loved it when his mom went to the grocery store to get food…and milk. When Frank was older, he met a dairy farmer while out traveling one day.  The farmer asked

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What Stories Do You Want?

The mission of INNERVIEW is to use stories to inspire, encourage and extend hope to people in need….hope that is anchored in godly principles and in His word, the Bible. To help insure INNERVIEW addresses the needs of our audience, please take a moment and let me know what topics you’d like addressed in our blog and videos…what areas of life have you tangled up, what topics inspire you, what subjects do you need reinforced more in your life, where

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What are you eager for?

When I was young I can only recall a few times when I was passionate about something.  I ran for student body president and later for Governor of Boys State and I also remember being pretty eager to achieve Eagle Scout rank.  Besides that, I was mainly eager to enjoy life, be liked and be accepted by my peers. I recently talked to my 9th grade son about the idea of getting bothered about something…..bothered in a good way…like bothered

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