What are you eager for?

When I was young I can only recall a few times when I was passionate about something.  I ran for student body president and later for Governor of Boys State and I also remember being pretty eager to achieve Eagle Scout rank.  Besides that, I was mainly eager to enjoy life, be liked and be accepted by my peers.

I recently talked to my 9th grade son about the idea of getting bothered about something…..bothered in a good way…like bothered about world hunger or the plight of the people of Haiti or bothered about making a C on a test or even making the football team. I want him to be passionate about something…to care.

It seems like sometimes things have to bother us in order for us to act.  I want him (and me and you) to be a person passionate about what God has placed on our hearts and in our lives.   By passion I don’t mean super-outgoing or loud or smiling all the time.  Quiet, socially shy people can be just as passionate as loud people or Type A personalities.  By passionate, I mean a deep burning desire for something more, something bigger, for the something you were called to do with greatness.

What are you eager or passionate about?

  • Are you eager to patch up an old relationship that’s bothering you?
  • Are you eager about an idea you have to help you community?
  • Are you eager to keep up with the Jones’?
  • Are you eager to teach others or mentor others?
  • Are you eager to have a vacation?
  • Are you eager to learn to play the piano?
  • Are you eager to retire?
  • Are you eager to land that big client?
  • Are you eager to pray or worship God?
  • Are you eager to graduate from high school or college?
  • Are you eager to go on a mission trip or serve the elderly at a retirement home?
  • Are you eager to spend time with your kids or someone you know and love?
  • Are you eager to get that new job you really want?

I have started taking my passion, excitement and eagerness to God to ask him:

  • Lord what do I do with this desire you’ve given me?
  • Can you help me here?
  • How do you want to be a part of my passion?
  • Why have you put this eagerness in me?
  • Am I being eager for the right things?

God says he is our Father and I know he is a really good Father.  He wants to share in our lives and in our excitement, in our hopes and in our dreams.

Even if our dreams and desires are not exactly what he wants, at the very least when you turn to him you are involving him in your plans.  That’s an awesome start.  Here’s the thing….later on, as you grow closer to God, you will begin to want to get involved in his plans or perhaps at some point your plans will BE his plans….whatever…..the point is simple….

You have an eagerness for something and God wants to speak to you about that…he wants to clarify our motives, he wants to refine our goals, he wants to help us achieve the great things he has for us to do….he wants what is best for us.

Go to him now and pour out your heart to Him.

Psalms 26:2-3 Test me o Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind, for your love is ever before me, and I walk continually in your truth.

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