What Stories Do You Want?

The mission of INNERVIEW is to use stories to inspire, encourage and extend hope to people in need….hope that is anchored in godly principles and in His word, the Bible.

To help insure INNERVIEW addresses the needs of our audience, please take a moment and let me know what topics you’d like addressed in our blog and videos…what areas of life have you tangled up, what topics inspire you, what subjects do you need reinforced more in your life, where do you want more light need to shine?

Choose a topic from below or one that is not on the list.

  • depression and anxiety
  • love
  • grace
  • God’s provision
  • discipline
  • life purpose
  • the beauty of God
  • hope in the midst of life’s storms
  • temptation and persistent sin
  • rest and peace
  • anger and bitterness
  • stress and worry
  • tough relationships
  • other ________________

To provide your input, (below) enter your email, first name and thoughts in the comment section. Thanks so much.

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  • All above are good topics. Perhaps also; raising children, living in the moment, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, aligning with God’s will, spiritual warfare

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