A nearly 200 year old circle of faith

As you likely know, God has a significantly long and successful track record of starting things and sooner or later – maybe a day, a month, a decade or perhaps a century later – bringing them to completion.  His sovereign purposes sometimes seem like circles to me.  They start….they usually meander a bit…and then pretty soon…somehow…they seem to come back to square one and make perfect sense.  On earth, with a limited view of God’s ways, I find myself scratching

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The Journey

By Billy Graham: Chapter by chapter, Graham leads us on a journey in faith. We learn about God and his purpose for our lives; who Jesus is and what he has done for us. We are reminded of the things God has given us to live successfully: the Bible, the privilege of prayer, fellowship and the church, and the Holy Spirit. We learn to deal with challenges along the way: temptation; wrong thoughts and motives; emotions that can defeat us;

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Personal Security Threat Levels

One of my customers sells an email filtering service. An email filter’s purpose is to keep email threats on the Internet from harming your computer….things like viruses, fraudulent emails posing as your bank and time-wasting spam ads. Some of the malicious emails bound for your computer can cause great harm (like viruses) while others are just a source of frustration. When the filter company identifies a new threat, their technical team creates a software “filter rule” that effectively blocks that

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