A ball of yarn

I recently went to a silent retreat for a weekend. Once there, I noticed it was taking quite some time for my body and soul to unwind and slow down. Both finally matched the restful, tranquil and sacred place where I was.

Why did it take so long for my body and soul to wind down?

Like a car at 160 miles an hour, it took time to literally slow down my thoughts, the pace of my walking and my wandering notions (“did I leave my car door unlocked?”)

I then got a picture of my heart and soul surrounded by a big ball of yarn where each day adds a few more inches over both. Layer after layer of yarn added as a result of my busy, loud, fitful life.

As a result of this experience, I now plan to take a few moments each morning and evening to sit in silence and solitude and allow some of the accumulated yarn of the day, that has wrapped around my heart and soul, to be gently cut away by a caring Savior.

I encourage you to try this.

For me, it’s what I have to have to do to not get sucked into the vortex of my busy world which tries to lay claim to the affection and motives of my heart. I must not allow this to happen. I must pause and “be still” to “know that He is God”. (Psalm 46:10)

The Ball of Yarn

An ever growing ball of yarn

Now the size of farmer’s barn

Is wrapped around my heart and soul

It blocks the light and takes its toll

This yarn is made of thoughts and doubt

Of worry and stresses that ever shout

Of new ideas that crowd my mind

And keep my heart so deep entwined

No longer am I free today

Now all I see is earthly ways

I claw and strive for what I need

From this yarn I must be freed

This ball of angst it blocks my heart

It keeps me from my holy part

Of living fully in the Lord

Instead I turn and so do horde

All the worries of my day

I move them close where they then sway

The pure desire I have for Thee

And now my sole and only plea

Is to unwind this covering

To let my heart begin to sing

In the way it’s meant to be

Walking through this world with glee

Lord help me daily rest in Thee

Let this be my morning plea

To pause and let the yarn today

In silent spaces fall away

So my love can purely be

Forever aimed at Holy Thee

Where the pull and angst of life

Is cut away by Savior’s knife




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