Is this it?

I get pretty wrapped up in this earthy life of day-to-day. I sometimes can act like this is it. That life begins and ends here in my small world. I also sometimes forget the wonderful things God has for me in this here and now on earth. Things He has uniquely equipped and designed me to do. Maybe it’s just to use my optimism to uplift someone at the grocery store or to talk to be compassionate to a friend who is sick.

The Spirit of God came to earth after Christ went to heaven to “be with us” and to give us life and to “be” our life. Aligning my day and purposes to His desires is my goal. Because I know there is more than this old broken world.

Is this life or is there more?

Beyond these walls, beyond life’s door?

Yes there’s more than what you see!

There’s treasure laid for you and me!

In daily chores and long commutes

While noise surrounds, there’s no dispute

That in small moments of the day

He’s waiting there for me to say

I’ve burdens now I must relieve

Your treasure’s near I must receive

Wonders of Your golden way

Found within the “day-to-day”

So, teach me, show me while I’m here

Kindly take my mind and steer

To another way to live

Where only love there is to give

When near to You my heart is free

And richer will my life then be

Where my soul doth lie prone

And grow to love You fully known

WGS 10.5.22

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