Moving Toward God

Sometimes I tend to hold back and stay in a comfortable place sort of oblivious to God. But my heart wants to move beyond that safe place and toward Him. I had a vision that I was in a room and the wall represented safety and the middle of the room represented the mysterious unknown place where God’s heart was. Will I stay by the wall and clutch it for safety or will I run toward Him in the mysterious middle. Hope you enjoy this poem.

There is a room both large and square

Where men and women sometimes dare

To move beyond the outer wall

And move to Him in center tall

Will I stay where things seem safe?

Or will I move toward His face?

Will I risk my dreams to Him?

Will I move beyond the rim?

The edge is where I bide my time

Being near the door is prime

There my hand upon the nob 

I can hear my heart’s own throbs

The joys of Him it surely robs

If I leave this softer place

And move toward His unknown grace

Will I lose or come up short?

Will His Hand my joy to thwart?

I must run to the middle of

A world where He is all my love

Sure, He’s found at room’s dark edge

But richer life is His firm pledge

Oh move to center where He stands

Move towards His open hands

Away from disappointing walls

To the place where true love calls. 



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