Laser Focus on Government Business Execution

Nearly every City and County government does a wonderful job of serving our communities.   But not all departments, not all cities and not all counties are the same.  Some experience various turmoil, others have repeated turnover, some lack management and leadership skills and others are overwhelmed putting out the day-to-day needs of local government.

Whatever the reason for this lack of progress within government efforts, there is hope.  Tools, systems, books and operational methods are widely available to help teach businesses or local government teams “how to get work done” in a better and fast way.

It sounds simple, but as the famed Venture capitalist John Doerr stated to Google, “ideas (goals) are the easy part, it’s business execution that’s everything“.

So, InnerComm is now exclusively focused on this market sector – serving local government.  We are passionate about bringing tools, processes and systems to local governments to help them better clarity, plan, measure and track key initiatives.  Online tools like Traction’s 4Dx, daPulse, WeekDone and AchieveIt are available to help track and report on lead measures to success.

InnerComm provides customized consulting, training, workshops and coaching to help cities and counties implement these processes and systems so local government can flourish and better serve the citizens.

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