She lifts him up

Like American Idol, The X Factor TV show usually features singers who have it all together – attractive young people who can sing and who are usually filled with confidence, attitude and charm.  At other times they feature people who you don’t expect to sing well simply because of the way they look….this was the case with Charlotte and Jonathan.  Lessons abound, especially for the quick-to-judge audience.

Hence the story of Charlotte and Jonathan.

While on thier school’s choral team they were paired up on singing projects and as a result they became friends…..good friends.

Jonathan’s confidence, meanwhile, was suffering blow after blow as the kids at school ridiculed him about his size.  ‘When people would say something to me, it’d just take a little piece out of me…“.

But Charlotte….dear Charlotte….stood by him and defended him.  She was his friend.  She saw beneath his exterior.  She saw into him to what he truly was.  She helped lift him up to his true identity….a charming, beautiful, confident (and humble) person who can sing.

Then an opportunity for them to break up and sing seperately came – yet, Jonathan would have none of that.  You see, in the end, the protector, Charlotte, was protected by Jonathan.  Deep trusting friendships have a way of lifting up the other person.  Yes, thank God for friends.

The poem below is dedicated to both Charlotte and Jonathan and to all the friends who see the real beauty inside the other and are willing to fight for each other’s honor and destiny.  Their video can be seen on YouTube.

The Shield of Friends

Shunned by most, looked down by all

she stood beside his side;

taking licks that came his way

and taking them in stride.

Yells and looks and curses too

she bore to be his friend.

She urged him on to keep him sure

a friend’s sad heart to mend.

He honed his voice

she coupled hers,

a voice her own rang true

and gave their world a comfort by

a song now shared by two.

Sweet friends and songs went on for days

and curses came the more;

but strength grew quietly in their heart

their song now more secure.

Then on that day the two sang out

on stage in hope of more.

But as before the crowd took aim

and snubbed them at the door.

But when they sang the lights shot out!

the crowd in awe soon stood.

Angelic notes rang all about

their sound sent heavenward.

He shined that night just like a star

A fact he hardly knew;

And voices said she’d “done her job”

Now he’d get his due.

Sadly yes, her job was done,

Yet still she smiled for him.

His truest strongest life to live

had just before them spawned.

Now onward new-found man to Thee

Hold your head up high.

Sing to God who made you so

Yes, sing up to the sky.


June 2012

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