A Rose to Bloom

During a small gathering at our house recently, we each were asked to find a quiet place to go and ask God this question:  “God will you show me how much you love me?”  So, we all separated and found our alone spot.  For 10 minutes or so, we all settled before God to ask this important question.

I wandered over toward the roses we have on the side yard.  Since it’s April and things are just now coming to life, I noticed we had a few early roses.  I had also not sprayed them or protected them with the famous “seven” dust, so they were looking pretty rough.  The leaves had holes in them as did the petals.  It was a sad sight.  To see something meant for such beauty looking all ragged and poor was disheartening.

Out of that time in looking at the roses, I heard God say that He protects me just as I try and protect the roses from all sorts of bugs.  The answer to my question was more or less that God shows me His love by protecting me.   Simple message, yet seen through the example of a rose, whose the idealic robust red was now a sad eaten stick of petals….meant a lot….it was a powerful visual for me.

I wonder if you would take 5 minutes to ponder this same question.  Would you dare to still your head and heart for a short 5 minutes and ask God “would you tell me how much you love me?”    You may see a picture like a rose, you may hear one word, you may think of your loving grandmother, whatever…let God speak.  His awesome, powerful, personal, gentle answer can change your day and your life.

Out of my backyard quiet time a poem emerged expressing my love back to God.

A Rose to Bloom

A rose unscathed, no eye has seen

Though thorns protect its stem

As bugs dig in and petals fall

Brown-edged holes do now appear.


A rose it needs the light of day

The shade and spray like dew.

For when it’s in Your care oh God

Its blossoms burst in view.


The “hear and now” too eats away

with no protection given;

Yet when You cover life with love

The bugs do fade away.


And then the stems give forth true life,

The buds unfold with time;

With colors deep and aroma complete

Both sight and air sublime.


The world now knows what stands so tall

A rose for all to see

To marvel at its beauty still

And raise its face to Thee.


B. Stark 4/2012

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