Surrender to Love: David Benner

For anyone who desires to learn more about the unconditional love of God and how that love can be experienced daily: Please, Please, Please read this book. Dr. Benner has presented the love of God in such a straight forward way. God’s love for us is what truly makes transformation possible. Apart from Christ we can do nothing. His love opens various possibilities. I will say that anyone who truly wants to mine the treasures within this work must read it more than one time. I want to thank Dr. Benner for presenting such a wonderful book on God and His love for us.

Benner does it again. This book, along with “The Gift of Being Yourself,” highlights what we most need to learn. Benner illustrates the Need to surrender and explains the connection between surrendering to love and the experience of genuine intimacy. Benner most aptly stated “There is nothing more important that learning love, because this is learning that counts for eternity…. Learning to love is therefore the core task of the human psychospiritual journey.” This book facilitates such learning!

This book gave me a greater understanding of a real relationship with the Lord. It is especially good for those who feel they must have control over their lives, and who have a hard time emotionally if things seem out of control. It reinforces the love God has for us, and how to love him back.

This is by far one of the most powerful looks I have ever read. It should be on every Christian’s shelf to pick up over and over again, particularly when you are feeling distant from God, or uncertain about your place in His heart. This is also a wonderful book to give to someone who is struggling with their place in this world, to reassure them in profound ways, of God’s incredible love for them.

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