Soul DNA and Patience

I manage a non-profit called Storyology ( while I work full-time as a sales consultant.  So I am constantly balancing work and wanting to grow Storyology and the cause of helping the hurting.

In the middle of the battle over how to invest my time wisely, I sense God is busy working related to my growth and his presence.

I can feel a deep and great peace welling up inside of me. It is a profoundly deep peace. God is doing something I. I’ve been praying for patience, for instance, for over one year. I used to ‘bite my lip’ in order to be patient….don’t think that’s the real thing… 😉

Now, after more prayer, I actually pause and even sometimes chuckle while I wait through some nauseating delay or intrusion that requires patience. I actually am starting to see real patience, not the “Bill Stark hold your breath *issed-off, hope-it-goes-away-SOON patience”. Indeed I am excited because this is a DNA change for me. I couldn’t manufacture this.

On a business front God is also moving. Customers come to my business in the nick of time. I recently had a customer change their mind in how I bill them from hourly (not preferred) to their decision to have me submit a bill for retained services (much better for cash flow) – all of this out of the blue.

I recently secured two of four customers I was pursuing and, for the most part, they agreed to my terms. Another God-thing in the midst of a recession.

I am more bold in my honesty about things. People who offer tough responses and harsh words don’t bother me like they used to. I used to respond in a passive / aggressive way; now I just respond honestly back to them; it’s liberating. Another God thing.

I am hungry like a lion for prayer. Massively hungry. I love to pray. What is this great change and thing that has overcome me? It is the hand of God and it is the most enthralling, exciting, warmest gut-level life I have ever known.

I am reading God-inspired books on the Holy Spirit, on Hope and God’s awesomeness. I am a student. I praise God in my way at church – sometimes with both arms waving wildly in honor and praise to Him. My heart is so full I feel it will explode with excitement over what God is doing. There’s great freedom in being yourself 100%.

Impatience towards those around me during my Mother’s sickness is diminishing.  The impatience is now replaced with compassion, love for those around me and service to them. This is weird – good weird.

Let’s give thanks to God for every good blessing. It all comes from Him. I am thankful for the blessings – good or bad.

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