What defines you?

My wife called me the other day and said her Suburban had a flat tire.  I was in the middle of some important work, so I was initially a little frustrated by the interruption.  But, I quickly remembered that part of my role as husband is to protect and serve my wife….to save my damsel in distress.   So, I confidently raced out of the house to fix the flat. When I got there I quickly crawled under the back

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Surrender to Love: David Benner

For anyone who desires to learn more about the unconditional love of God and how that love can be experienced daily: Please, Please, Please read this book. Dr. Benner has presented the love of God in such a straight forward way. God’s love for us is what truly makes transformation possible. Apart from Christ we can do nothing. His love opens various possibilities. I will say that anyone who truly wants to mine the treasures within this work must read

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