Life Compass Small Group

Life Compass is a 6 month experience where you will discover who God has uniquely made you to be – your passions, your gifts, your beliefs, your weaknesses, your fears… and your God given purpose. For those who have read Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life”, this is a natural next step in understanding who God has “shaped” you to be. It has been said that to know God you must know who God has made you to be… to know

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Lessons from a bird bath…

We have a small bird bath on our back patio. It’s the solid concrete type with no pump to keep the water flowing…it just holds collected water. From our kitchen window, we enjoy watching the birds splash, flap their wings all around, pick at their feathers and get clean. I’ve seen them drink from it on hot summer days. We’ve seen redbirds, bluebirds and small baby birds enjoy the small bird bath. It’s really a cool thing to have. However

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