Life Compass Small Group

Life Compass is a 6 month experience where you will discover who God has uniquely made you to be – your passions, your gifts, your beliefs, your weaknesses, your fears… and your God given purpose. For those who have read Rick Warren’s “Purpose Driven Life”, this is a natural next step in understanding who God has “shaped” you to be.

It has been said that to know God you must know who God has made you to be… to know who you are… to understand Whose you are. The journey of discovery we will take together can be summed up with two simple questions or prayers…

  • Who am I?
  • Who is God?

In seeking the answers to these questions something very powerful occurs… we discover over time that God will reveal the highest purpose for our lives. In seeking truth, God gives us the clarity and the vision to understand the unique call placed deep within our hearts and our souls.

It is from this place of knowing that we can begin to truly live out God’s purpose and our passion for this life. It is from this place of understanding that “Life Compass” has been created to serve individuals on this journey. If you are interested in learning more about joining a “Life Compass” small group experience please to go

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