She lifts him up

Like American Idol, The X Factor TV show usually features singers who have it all together – attractive young people who can sing and who are usually filled with confidence, attitude and charm.  At other times they feature people who you don’t expect to sing well simply because of the way they look….this was the case with Charlotte and Jonathan.  Lessons abound, especially for the quick-to-judge audience. Hence the story of Charlotte and Jonathan. While on thier school’s choral team they were paired up on

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12Stone Church

12Stone Church, based in Lawrenceville, GA, exists for you and your spiritual curiosity or long term spiritual journey. It’s why every week we invest in authentic worship experiences that honor God and share His truth in compelling and practical ways. It’s why every week we create opportunities that inspire you and that encourage you to share life with people on the journey just like you. At the core of who we are, we give ourselves away. It’s why maybe you

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