If diamonds rained

We will rejoice in you and be glad.

We will extol your love more than wine. 

Song of Solomon 1:4

For years I tried to gather up all the diamonds and jewels this world had to offer.  I was so obsessed with gathering up material things that I was oblivious to God’s abundant goodness and beauty all around me.  He was around me all the time with eternal treasure, yet I was blind and uninterested. 

This poem is about that idea of not settling for what the world says is valuable but being open to the “more” from Him – because He loves you dearly. 

If Diamonds Rained

If diamonds rained down on the earth

You’d scoop them up for all their worth

You’d celebrate as your child’s birth

Your joy would never know its dearth

You’d grab as many as you could

As beavers do with fields of wood

You’d pray for more at every turn

Without your fill your heart would burn

You’d trade some gems for clothes and cars

You’d trade some more to heal your scars

You’d cherish each as valuable

They’d make your dreams more palpable

We have a rain just like those gems

It’s heaven’s love that never ends

It’s all around yet we ignore

And settle for less and not His more

It’s visible in another’s eyes

It gives no pain and never lies

It quenches all your hearts’ desire

Destroys old wounds in Holy fire

His love it falls just like those gems

And fills us full right to the brim

When praying ask for more today

Then trust He’ll turn to light your gray

Open up to His great love

Sip a bit from heav’n above

He wants great good for you today

His love so strong we dare say nay!

WGS 6.22.21

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