The love of a helper

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11

I have often wondered why more people don’t do all sort of really bad things to get what they want.   Why isn’t the crime rate much, much higher? There are certainly people down on their luck who could justify any numbers of crimes to get what they need. Why do they hold back? Why don’t they all just take what they can get to serve their own needs?

I have an idea why.

God says he “set eternity” in the hearts of men.   Not some men, but in the hearts of all men.

I believe that means that as humans made in His image, we exhibit some of His glory in our lives.   And His glory is opposed to lying, murder, theft and suicide.   His glory brings life, goodness, kindness and love. It is this glory and love that I believe keeps all of us from living a completely demeaning, abased life.

Even a small amount of “good” or “love” in you or me is a sign we are made in God’s image.  Otherwise, I am convinced, we’d all be hedonistic, self-absorbed, egomaniacal people seething with anger, jealousy, rage and hate.

I am beginning to see the transcendent love of God everywhere. I have a feeling it’s around us all the time in such small normal ways that we don’t even see it for what it is, as in the movie The Matrix.

I saw a program on TV recently where a family of three comes to save a homestead ranch on the edge of disaster.   It’s called Homestead Rescue. For no cost they give of their time and energy to dig wells for water, build and plant modern gardens for food, build fences to protect and restore homes and irrigation so the families can thrive on their homestead.

Why do they do this?  Why not just take care of themselves?  Why spend time, energy and money on someone else? Why do any of us do this?

When someone tears up after receiving something of great kindness (like someone saving your homestead), I believe they are purity of God’s great love in that moment.

Not everyone tears up, nor do they have to…but they do experience a heart-thump when they witness such kindness, goodness and love.   I am convinced this is God’s love shining through someone to another person in that moment. I believe we are experiencing God’s love into our hearts at that moment.

I see a million expressions of the eternity set within us each month and year of my life and I am convinced that these touches to edge of His garment are what keep us from tearing each other apart and selfishly grabbing whatever we deem ours. Praise God He set eternity in our hearts. I thank Him for His Holy Spirts’ presence in the world, touching our hearts and keeping us from wrong. May I and may we all bend to His desires for His great good for us.

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