Nights Coming Song

Sitting on our patio recently among the beauty of nature, I looked around as the sun began to set and noticed how quiet it was.  Like a magnet, I was drawn to the stillness of the moment.   It was the lack of noise that quieted my heart, I am sure. That serene moment seemed to usher in a sense of the presence of God.  It had been a long and trying several days, so the silence felt good.  God is surely found in stillness as the Psalms state confidently.

While I enjoyed and wanted to stay in that moment for a long time, the sun continued its course downward and the moment was gone.  But was it the “moment” that I longed for…..or was it resting in His presence?


Night’s Coming Song

Falling stillness, crickets’ song,

teal carpet deep and fine

where palish florals spread about

soft leaves stand firm and high.

Where sound abates and thunder roars

a distance far away.

Peace wraps its warmth around this space,

For here I want to stay.


As twilight falls and breezes rest,

it seemed there was no time.

And in this stillness You step forth

in this hour sublime.

Oh God of ages come before,

Your hand is near and sure.


As trees and shadows change their shape

and sounds of night arise

Oh God your mystery’s surely kept,

Your glory’s presence sure

I praise you for this taste of You,

for rests’ sweet open door.


As sight dims low and closes out,

a sadness comes my way.

A perfect moment moves downstream,

yet You remain at bay.

I shall not grieve a moment gone

as dusk now turns its head.

For here with me doth you abide,

our hearts entwined and wed.


Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God;  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

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