When Trouble Hits Home Where Do We First Turn?

42-15655456When it gets right down to it, when real trouble hits home and rough stuff comes your way, what do you do? What do you do first?

What do you process in your head when the tsunami hits. Next time you are faced with unexpected news, bad news, frightening news, sad news or a tough decision, observe how you initially respond to the crisis. If you can, slow down time and watch how you react…and learn from it.

When the world comes crashing down on you, what do you do first?

  1. Call your best friend or spouse.
  2. Think of who else you can call to talk to.
  3. Experience an inner rage?
  4. Run to Facebook and share your woo.
  5. Think of how much you are at fault and pile guilt on yourself.
  6. Have the urge to hit someone or something.
  7. Get mad and begin resenting the person who probably caused the mess to begin with.
  8. Throw something.
  9. Call a 3rd person, then a 4th.
  10. Quickly locate a large beer.
  11. Smoke a pack of cigarettes.
  12. Mope around and hope someone asks why you are so dejected.
  13. Sit and wonder how all this came to pass.
  14. Tell God you are scared and need help.

Sadly, I can personally testify that I have gone days, weeks and even years before I ever got to #14.

As I’ve gotten older and been through a few tough situations, it is beginning to take less time to figure out that I really need to go to my Father for help early in the process.

I am now absolutely convinced that we have to have a reflex that moves to God’s loving arms sooner. He’s a better comforter than any friend you may have, much better. He wants me to get into the habit of turning to Him instantly. He wants me to rely on him. He wants all of me, the good, the bad and the sad. He actually wants me to empty myself and allow Him to ‘be’ through me. He is a jealous God. He wants his rightful place as my primary confidant.

eye crying tears person sad-thumbTrusting, wise, caring, safe people are wonderful to go to when you have a need or major crisis. They can, and often do, offer a lot of comfort and love. I believe God has a special way of comforting us through friends or a spouse. I am fortunate to have a lot of men friends I can turn to during tough times and I do rely on them often. I love the guys I hang out with because they have my best interest in mind.

But, there is another friend. There is a friend who wants to hear from us before all the others. His name is Jesus.

He is dying to hear what we have to say. He wants us to pour our hearts out to him. He wants us to yell, scream, sit stunned, cry, argue, grieve, get pissed off, yell some more…he wants it all. He suffered here on earth so he can relate to our pain.

When you do go to him, you may want to first consider telling him how much you like and trust him. I know that sounds weird to do when you are super upset and it will be very hard to actually do. If you’re like me, your first reaction to being in a crisis will be to instantly focus on your problems and your cares. But try to worship him first…it actually seems to soothe the pain right away when you do it. Tell him:

  • you trust him
  • tell him you love him
  • tell him he is #1
  • you are in awe of his creation and grace
  • tell him you know he has complete knowledge of everything
  • tell him you believe he can resolve any problem
  • tell him you know he is all-wise….then…..

…then….tell him you are scared, you are mad, you are angry, you are lost, confused, bitter, lost or depressed, etc.

In my experience, this is the best first place to go.

Psalm 51:17 – The offerings of God are a broken spirit; a broken and sorrowing heart, O God, you will not put from you

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