Do Healing Miracles Happen Today?

For me they do.

Yesterday on July 11, 2009 I went to a church called Riverstone in Kennesaw GA with a group from a non-profit I volunteer for. I was not sure why we were going other than that it was a “healing” service at this church on Saturday morning and that we wanted to learn more about how they helped others become whole, both physically and emotionally.

After the greeting, we are asked to fill out a form as to what we wanted God to heal. So, what would it be….my irritating skin cancer, my painful shoulder tendentious, my fears about providing well for my family, my lack of 100% openness to God in some areas of my life, my prostrate infection? Or maybe all of it. I wrote it all down.

My name was called (like in a doctor’s office) and I was escorted down the hall by a nice British man to an open atrium where chairs were in a circle. A lady was walking around playing guitar singing, another person was waving banners and a 3rd person was painting. Most of the other people there were people praying for those that had come in. The main thing I noticed was that all these people seemed to be in their place – they were doing what they were gifted to do. It was a beautiful thing to watch. People doing what they are supposed to be doing.

I sat down and the man asked me what I thought God wanted to do for me. I told him I believed he wanted to heal my fear issues and I’d be happy to keep all the physical issues, if I could get this other deal straight. He said, I think that’s right. He prayed for me and then the lady with him said that God would, in fact, heal my shoulder as a sign of his meeting my other needs.

The man put his hands on my shoulders and I instantly felt a jolt of God’s spirit come through me. The back side of my shoulder or his hand got hot. After he prayed some more, he asked me to move my shoulder all around – almost all the pain was gone, maybe 90%.

Tendonitous is a terrible c0ndition as there is no cure that I know of – you just treat the symptoms with anti-swelling medicine, pain medicine and sometimes steroid shots. I was living with pretty tough pain every day. I could not pick up a coffee mug from my left side without big-time pain. I couldn’t put on a t-shirt without terrible pain. I couldn’t dry off with a towel without pain. I could not move my left shoulder in many postions without excruciating pain.

Today, Sunday, I have no pain when I make these same motions (NO PAIN). The shoulder is still sore and it hurt last night when I slept and when I woke this morning. I think sleeping on it inflames it. But, I am healed of the terrible pain as I move my shoulder. I am healed. I am so thankful to God for healing me. I take it as a sign of his presence and of his promise to heal my fear and trust-related issues.

God is in the healing business today, maybe not for everyone, every day, but for many He is. I now reflect all the good tidings, cheer, happiness and joy back to Him as He is the source!!

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