What defines you?

My wife called me the other day and said her Suburban had a flat tire.  I was in the middle of some important work, so I was initially a little frustrated by the interruption.  But, I quickly remembered that part of my role as husband is to protect and serve my wife….to save my damsel in distress.   So, I confidently raced out of the house to fix the flat. When I got there I quickly crawled under the back

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The Gift of Being Yourself: David Benner

“The Gift of Being Yourself” is an exceptional investigation of the subject of self-identity. The author, David Benner, is able to masterfully bridge the Biblical paradox of death-to-self and self-discovery. He writes, “For if we find our true self we find God, and if we find God, we find our most authentic self.” We don’t find our true self by seeking self-identity but by seeking God. Benner sees our identity not as a creation but as a discovery and as

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