Protection from a Thief

In the ancient culture of shepherding, the shepherd would gather the sheep each night and keep them safe by corralling them in a confined area (perhaps where two large rock formations join together) and the shepherd would lay across the opening to the area similar to a door or gate. This would keep the sheep safe as nothing could pass through to get the sheep unless it entered the gate. Jesus said he is the gate. We can find protection

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Personal Security Threat Levels

One of my customers sells an email filtering service. An email filter’s purpose is to keep email threats on the Internet from harming your computer….things like viruses, fraudulent emails posing as your bank and time-wasting spam ads. Some of the malicious emails bound for your computer can cause great harm (like viruses) while others are just a source of frustration. When the filter company identifies a new threat, their technical team creates a software “filter rule” that effectively blocks that

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