The Child I Love

I met a lady recently who was, unfortunately, experiencing the pains of divorce. During our chat, I asked if she had children.  Nearly instantly a smile a mile wide came over her, she became animated and nearly burst with pride….yes, she had a child, a young daughter. She went on to share all sorts of stories about her daughter’s mannerisms, her full-of-life personality and even her beautiful hair. Pride and love flowed from this mother in sharp contrast to the sadness of the topic of divorce

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The Good Passenger

It was an exciting day at our home recently, when my son, Will, got his learners permit.  When I got home from a business trip, I got to experience his driving for the very first time.  The last time I saw him drove the car was on a dirt road in rural Mississippi out near his Grandmother’s house.  Today was more challenging. So, with some concern, pride and a certain excitement I jumped in the front passenger seat of the

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Missing the Heart of a Loving Father

A week or so ago my wife and my son and I went to Athens to visit our twin daughters at the University of Georgia. I’m sure every mother or father understands the build-up of excitement to see your college freshman child when you haven’t seen him or her in a few weeks. They are now in a new world, learning, growing, exploring and experiencing new things. As we drove up, pride for both of my daughters welled up inside

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