The Joy of Giving

Recently, a group of us from the Atlanta suburbs went downtown to volunteer with an inner city ministry called Atlanta Dream Center.   After an hour or so putting together food bags and getting prepared, we jumped in our car and followed three youth leaders at Dream Center to our destination….a housing project of largely poor families. As we drove in, we were  face-to-face with another culture….all seemed dark, empty and a bit unsafe.  Up came a large, extra loud

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The Tapestry

What a magnificent piece of art. It is vast, ornate, and full of color and splendor. The sum of it is enormous.   If you zoom way in to the stitching detail, you can see the intricate workings of each thread. The manner in which the stitches weave together creates a majestic scenery. Even the very small parts…especially the very minuscule details of the tapestry are filled with fine workmanship and preciseness. The tapestry hangs as a prize possession in

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