Karis’ Amazing Grace

I met Karis at Wright Square in Savannah on Sunday April 29, 2012. He’s a registered street performer in Savannah. He’s also poor and without most of the pleasures of life we take for granted. After talking to him, I found out he had just gotten out of the hospital after spending over 30 days there with double pneumonia…his only need in life was $42 for two prescriptions the hospital gave him. God answered that need. I also found that

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Why Flowers Bloom

God wants us to grow. He does not want us to go through life just surviving with the bare nutrients and essentials. He wants us to thrive. Just look around at how He works. He gives flowers, shrubs and trees everything they need..... sunlight, water and soil. When all three are in balance plants give off a glory that only they can....they radiate beauty, create shade and produce sweet smells. Think if the intensely sweet smell of a rose.

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Telling Great Stories

Wow! We had a really great day this past Saturday stories of six wonderful people for www.storyology.org, the precursor to www.innerview.tv. We filmed stories of worldly achievement gone awry, a father/son story, a powerful drug addict-come-to-life story, a story of homelessness, a powerful story of seeking the pleasures of the world for meaning and the story of a man who wore lots of masks to gain acceptance from the world. They will be up on thewww.storyology.org site in a few

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