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I was fortunate to hear former Denver Bronco, Atlanta Falcons and NY Giants NFL coach Dan Reeves speak to a group of Georgia county officials in Savannah recently.  Reeves grew up in Americus, Georgia and was born near there in Andersonville, the site of the historical Civil War prison camp.   The theme of the county leadership meeting was Leading with Honor – I now see why they chose him to speak on the topic.  In case you don’t keep up with football, Coach Dan Reeves was

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Why Flowers Bloom

God wants us to grow. He does not want us to go through life just surviving with the bare nutrients and essentials. He wants us to thrive. Just look around at how He works. He gives flowers, shrubs and trees everything they need..... sunlight, water and soil. When all three are in balance plants give off a glory that only they can....they radiate beauty, create shade and produce sweet smells. Think if the intensely sweet smell of a rose.

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Being Under Authority

I once had a client over a long period of time and each time I visited the customer’s office I had to pass by the lobby guard. Because I parked in the front visitor’s parking lot the guard always saw me walking up. Even though I visited the office many times, he’d always ask me to sign in at the register. Some weeks I was at that building 2-3 times, so I was virtually a regular. However, over time, his

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