The Lure of the Vastness of God

At Jekyll Island, Georgia on a cool April evening, I walked outside my hotel room after doing some work.  Fortunately the hotel was about 100 yards from the beach and a lighted wooden walkway marked the way. Nearing the half-way point to the beach, the tree covering gave way and the emmense vastness of the starlit sky came into full view. The pounding of the waves and the eerie quiet of the sky in utter blackness was a stark contrast

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The Lights that Blind

I know many of you marvel at God’s creation…for some of you, this is how you worship.  I think for all of us, we tend to have those “aha” moments when we see a piece of creation in its raw beauty. Have you ever pulled your car over to the side of the road to gaze at a newly formed rainbow? Have you ever stared in silence at the massive number of stars in the heavens? Have you ever stopped

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